Chattanooga's Circus Spooktacular

Chattanooga's Circus Spooktacular

Circus Arts + Spookiness... a match made!!!

Come join us for a fang-tastic evening filled with soaring sparrows, ghastly ghosts, and wicked witches guaranteed to thrill, and chill. No bones about it... we're DYING to have you. We'll have plenty of tricks, and even more treats at our spooktacular food and beverage bars. Join in with a costume of your own if - you dare.

All tickets are Will-Call. Provide purchaser name, ID and/or proof of purchase at the door for entry.

Online Ticket Bundles are sold out & now closed | Tickets are $20 at the door | 3 and under are no charge!

Doors Open @ 6:00pm | Show Starts @ 7:00pm

*There will be no clowns or any other traditional circus characters theme involved in this production.

*DISCLAIMER* - Strobe lights, black lights, darkness, scary (PG) content and some audience interaction will take place. Sensitivity to these things should be considered. You have been warned... MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

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